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    Pamukkale Travertines

    It’s an incredible experience to touch the travertines of Pamukkale! The magnificent white travertines are created by the thermal water of the ancient city of Hierapolis, and form the pools where people swam for thousands of years. The formations are currently under preservation in order to avoid any deterioration in their natural condition. The Pamukkale travertines, which look like a fabulous field of clouds, offer rare natural beauty, and are a site where history and nature meet.

    Karahayıt Hot Springs and Mud Baths 

    The existence and importance of thermal water, the source of thermal tourism in Denizli, dates back to the ancient settlement periods. Thermal water has been used by people in the valley for treatment for thousands of years and magnificent baths have been built for this purpose. Patients have been coming here from many parts of Anatolia for healing purposes for centuries. This healing water reaches 58ºC throughout the entire year and is used for treatment of many diseases. Mud baths, in specific, are known to enhance a youthful appearance and make one feel energetic and lively! 

    Local Weaving

    You can visit Babadağlılar Bazaar to find and purchase the famous textile products of Denizli known for their unique patterns and colors.