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  • 10 vibes for Pamukkale

    like locals

    Visit the ancient city of Hierapolis and the Pamukkale travertines, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Visit the Gymnasium, the Pamukkale Observation Terrace, the Martyrium & Church of Saint Philip the Apostle, the Hierapolis Ancient Theater, the Hierapolis Archaeological Museum, the Antique Pool (Cleopatra’s Pool), the Northern Necropolis, the Frontinus Gate and Street,

    Don’t forget to visit the ancient city of Laodikeia with features magnificent structures and was once home to one of the Seven Churches of Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

    Paraglide or take a balloon tour over the Pamukkale travertines and Hierapolis.

    Take a coffee break or enjoy some freshly brewed tea at Pamukkale Natural Park with a view of the Pamukkale travertines. You can tour around the natural pool in a rented paddle boat as well!

    Visit the Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Museum, which houses 2,000 artifacts ranging from geological and ethnographical pieces to old coins and manuscripts.

    At Gözler Lavender Gardens, you can taste gözleme baked in a wood oven, savor lavender-flavored soft drinks, purchase some natural products, and take brilliant photos in the purple gardens.

    Have breakfast, take photos, and have fun at the zipline tracks, mountain coaster tracks, and game tracks at Seyir Terası, the largest thematic urban forest in Türkiye.

    Visit the Denizli Atatürk House & Ethnographical Museum where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the great leader and founder of the Turkish Republic, stayed one night on February 4, 1931 during his visit in Denizli.

    Taste the famous Denizli kebab and enjoy the famous semolina helva with ice cream.

    Head for the hills at Bağbaşı Plateau on the cable car and breathe in the fresh air.