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    Denizli Kebab

    Denizli kebab is made of lamb and prepared in traditional a way since the 1920s. It is served in restaurants located in the area between Kaleiçi Bazaar and Bayramyeri Square. Denizli kebab is cooked in a stone oven and eaten by hand. Its unique taste comes from the cooking method and the meat’s fat. It is served with tomatoes and onion on the side, and shouldn’t be missed!

    Denizli Gazoz

    Denizli Gazoz, production of which started in 1930s, is a soft drink that is a local favorite. If you happen to come across it, make sure to try it!


    Thyme is used in cooking and as a raw material in food and the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used as seasoning, for tea, and for medical purposes. Seventy-five percent of the thyme produced in the world and 90% of the thyme produced in Türkiye is farmed in Denizli’s Pamukkale district. It is mostly planted in the district’s Gözler quarter. The Gözler area is an ecotourism attraction thanks to its thyme, lavender, and sage fields.


    Sage and lavender cultivations have started in addition to thyme farming in Denizli’s Pamukkale district and in this manner, the product range has been diversified. The leaves of the sage bush are used to make tea and as an herb in cooking. They are also added to food such as cheese, salads, etc.

    Semolina Helva with Ice Cream

    If you haven’t tasted the famous semolina helva with ice cream in Denizli yet, we invite you to come over and do so! This famous dessert has never lost its popularity since the 1930s and is made using the highest quality products.