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    Gözler Lavander Garden

    If you visit Pamukkale, a site registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, in the summer months, you can also drop by Gözler, which is located 30 km from the Pamukkale travertines, to smell the fresh lavender.


    You will be fascinated by the smell of thyme along the way to Pamukkale, which is the most important center for thyme production in the world.


    Apart from thyme and lavender, the range of products in Pamukkale also includes sage, which has a long history of medicinal and culinary use.

    The Smell of Pine in Çamlık Park

    Located 3 kilometers from the city center of Denizli and suitable for daily excursions, Çamlık Park is 400 meters above sea level and extends along a 30-hectare red pine forest. The area’s flora includes red pine, false locust, and both pyramid-shaped and open-branched cypress trees. You can take a walk in the forest with the deep blue sky above you and the unique smell of pine surrounding you. At the exit, there is an observation terrace on the side of the mountain offering a wonderful view of the city.